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2022 & 2021 & 2020 HOUZZ BEST SERVICE, 2023 & 2022 & 2021 HOUZZ BEST DESIGN, 2020 & 2018 LUX MAGAZINE LEADING DESIGNER AWARD, as Most Outstanding Environmentally Sustainable Design Firm -California.  We've also been featured in the 200th volume of Inspired Interiors, one of the most prestigious architectural books in North America. Furthermore, we are an allied ASID (The American Society of Interior Designers) member and a commercial and residential design-build company that works with leading horticulturists, reputable licensed architects, contractors and engineers. GGHD immerses Home Automation Systems known as Smart Home Systems in our exclusive design concept: Urban Retreat(Living Green Walls known as Vertical Gardens)


Urban Retreat is an environmentally sustainable design concept which combines an outdoors oasis with Nordic minimalist modern design with the intention of opening up indoor spaces and bringing the outdoors in. The design theme is motivated by our core passion for plants and nature. Therefore, we are connected to the environment through the use of renewable resources.

Meanwhile, minimalism promotes a desire for simplicity. Less is more which is an essential part of being sustainable. Hence, in order to practice sustainability, go-green and minimalism blend in harmony to create our unique Urban Retreat.  

​We also provide an impeccably delicate French design theme, a blending of classic and contemporary styles. It is also a celebration of architecture and a way of living. An uncomplicated simple color palette will bring balance to the space, which is easy to live with. Maison de Luxe focuses on creating a comfortable, safe, and useful indoor spaces with a touch of European modern architecture through the use of carved-wood detailing, and beautiful herringbone floors.


Our mission is to bring together the character and elegance of the space with practical luxury. We are committed to making your living space formally functional, to create the value of your place,

and to get you more sleep because we help check off all the things that you don’t get around to doing in your home. GGHD engages in the home renovation process with the latest technology to avoid waste and to save energy. Hence, we not only protect your assets at home or in the office, but we also make your life more convenient.


GGHD makes luxury an affordable reality! We aspire to create a better everyday life and we believe having a home that works well is the key to living a successful life. 

     Toluca Lake | Los Angeles | California                                                                                               Rue de Sèvres  |  Paris  |  France 

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The above images serve illustrative purposes only and might not represent actual GGHD designs or work product, but are indicative of GGHD style specifications and quality.

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